Coucher du Soleil

In a perfect twilight

The world was bathed in gold

A simple beauty

Made by the setting sun.



Yin and yang

Balanced in the east and west

Like two star crossed lovers

Whose love is deep

But eternally lost.


Night and day met

Painting the canvas sky

The colours of summer

Greeted the purples and blues of winter.

Who knew that the two could

Create such an untarnished complexion?


The diamonds

Against silver and gold

Mirrored the transition of colour

Until the rays crystallized

Twinkling from galaxy above

The great equaliser.


Perfectly round

And often just a frown

His face tells the story of his

Long lost love.

When all colour has gone

He projects her light

In the hope that he will see her


Parc des Hauteurs

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