Jardin Botanique

Cellophane Love


Our love was a cellophane flower

It blossomed, crafted by

Our own hands.

A transparent blue

That glimmered when your eyes


Paired with that smile that made daisies



With a tweak of our hands

It was perfectly shaped.

As a child would present

Their handmade flower

To their mother,

We kept ours

Like it was our little



Cellophane lasts,

Longer than our hearts beat.

Whereas the petals from your garden

Decomposed in a week.

A fist full of angst

You crumbled it.


The beauty we had made.


To the trash you tossed it

Without a second


Forgetting it wasn’t made by one

But by two.


All this time I’ve been a child

Clawing through the garbage

For that cellophane love

That I was thought was so transparent and



But maybe I’m meant to be found by another

To mold me into something new.




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