Parc de la Tête d’Or en Hiver

We yearn for the pursuit of kaleidoscopes

Of twisting foliage, evergreen

Intertwined with roses that bloom

The entire spectrum under the sun.

So, we fly over deep navy seas

Over mountain peaks

To find colours upon colours

And shades that we are yet to behold.

But it was the white neige

That caught me breathless.

The woollen blankets that wrapped the fields

Shielding the earth from the blight winter.

It hung to the nettles like sparkling

Fairy lights

Glimmering in the morning sun.

I found myself in my own fairy tale

The magic of the frost that brought the world alive

Branches, empty, arched over the path

Beckoning me to come closer.

Light reflected off the stone-cold streams

Like the mirror that tells all.

I was Alice.

In a world of my own

Breathing in the frosted air

That stung with icicles in my lungs

It was as if I as breathing for the first time.

I was made anew

Under the canopy of snowflakes

Nose red raw

I carved my footsteps

One by one

As I ran through the winter




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